Grant Application Process

Funding Qualifications

We make grants exclusively through existing organisations that are Christian-based, community-focused, and linked in some way to education.

Funding Region

We make grants primarily to organisations within the province of Kwazulu-Natal and the Greater Metropolitan area of Cape Town , South Africa, and would only consider any other requests in the most exceptional circumstances.

Funding Guidelines

We make grants for capital projects, renovation, equipment, technology infrastructure, programme and specialist staffing.

Funding Priorities

The Foundation focuses its funding on assisting organisations with specific, approved projects, with payments being made at agreed intervals as such projects proceed.

Funding Limitations

The following kinds of requests will not be considered:
Funding Review Process
Using the Grant Portal on this website, a grant application must be submitted on the electronic form, providing all the required information. Should the request not fall within the parameters outlined above, an email will be sent indicating this, and the matter will be closed. If the request falls within those parameters, the following process will apply:
  • An email will be sent by the Executive Director of the Foundation indicating that the request is receiving attention.
  • Should it be required, a site visit will be scheduled within a reasonable period (usually less than a month) for the project to be evaluated in situ and through discussions with those involved in the organisation.
  • The Executive Director then prepares a report for the API Board, with recommendations regarding the request, including the proposed amount of the grant.
  • The Board will meet quarterly to consider the requests and to instruct the Executive Director regarding the response, which will be communicated within one week of such meeting.
  • The Board reserves the total right to approve or decline any request for a grant.